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Protective Face Masks Products

As the top manufacturer of non-woven products for medical applications we are proud of our designs utilizing high-quality materials and processing technology that are the culmination of many years of know-how to earn the trust of physicians in the operating room.

Surgical Mask

The Health Pro surgical mask is widely recognized for its material and performance, and is currently one of our company's best-selling items. The scope of application of surgical mask is wide, its protection is stronger than that of the ordinary mask, can perfectly deal with the seven vulnerable environment, effectively block virus, bacteria, droplets, dust and other substances into the human body.

Modular Cleanroom

Many manufacturing processes need the very stringent environmental conditions provided by a cleanroom. Because cleanrooms have complex mechanical systems and high construction, operating, and energy costs, it is important to perform the cleanroom design in a methodical way.

New Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit

Triple target gene detection (ORF1ab/E/N) and one internal standard detection were used to ensure the accuracy of detection and to avoid the missed detection of new coronavirus to a greater extent. The kit can complete 96 tests within 2 hours, greatly reducing the screening time.

Medical Protective Gowns

Health Pro produces protective medical clothing with excellent performance, which has been recognized by the industry. Its permeability is strong, anti - static; Better anti - permeability, anti - a variety of organic solvents, acid - base corrosion at the same time, with a high impact resistance. Mechanical properties of strong and tough, soft and comfortable texture. Non - combustion, non - toxic and non - irritating, harmless to the skin.

Medical Kits

Health Pro is dedicated to the production of custom products. We believe that it is our duty as a manufacturer supporting the medical field to apply our more than 10 years of experience in sales of kit products and our production expertise in order to create products which can meet the demands of each medical institution.

Premium Medical Kits

Acute care hospitals are now required to streamline management due to the revision of medical system and declining of working population. All-in-One kits for pre/mid/post-surgery contribute to hospital management with improving work efficiency and preventing loss in item costs.

Sterilization Products

Health Pro offers a wide range of sterilization products at excellent prices, giving healthcare professionals the best options for their practice. Our catalog includes a comprehensive line of products from world-class brands.

Mask Machine

Health Pro also supplying mask machine to our clients for many years. With reliable quality and technoloy, Health Pro is trusted by business partners from all over the world. Health Pro is supplying semi-auto and full auto machine to different clients. Also responsible for the non-woven fabric supplies. Help you to start your own business.

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