Premium Medical Kits

Acute care hospitals are now required to adopt more efficient business management as a result of the rapid decline in working population.

Health Pro launched “Premium Medical Kits” accordingly, significantly expanding the items included from current medical kits to further streamline surgery preparation and thereby contribute to hospital management. The various features of “Premium Medical Kits” include Health Pro’s unique packaging technique that reduces labor on preparation and arrangement as well as superior safety and cost effectiveness.

As Premium Medical Kits are all-in-one products, the labor spent selecting and picking up tools before surgery can be reduced significantly and the time required for preparation will be shortened. Health care performers can thus concentrate on their primary tasks and unified preparation can be made just right by anyone, leading to improved safety.


Major features of blister containers:

Transparent packaging enables easy eye confirmation of contained items Applied easy-peel method for ease opening
Designed to keep contained items from falling once opened
Uses strong film which is soft but doesn’t tear


Benefits for applying Premium Medical Kits:

Reduce preparation time
Prevent loss in item costs
Improve labor efficiency, safety
Create space by reducing inventory
Reduce time required for preparing items for surgery
Included packages can be arranged in order of use
Contribute to hospital management from the aspect of inventory management

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